You pay a membership fee of your choice.

We transfer the money to those who need help with keeping or finding their home.

You receive 10% of your fee back in retail vouchers.

You can request the fees back at any point.

Join the community.

Give someone a roof. Treat yourself.


Welcome to the community! Thank you.

Members receive a 10% annual return on the funds, up to one thousand pounds, and payable within 30 days of registration and investment payment. The return will be credited to a digital gift card that can redeemed in a selection of retailers.

Any sum invested, more than a thousand pounds, will receive a return of 8% payable within a month to the account the capital came from.

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Sarah, Kent

Every week I would be in a fight with my landlord. Every single week. And now, just peace and quiet.

man 2

Jim, Glasgow

My New Address has helped my family move into a permanent flat. Suddenly there's a sense of security and peace in our lives.

Woman with Head Scarf

Lymnera, Cardiff

I never would have been able to keep my flat without the support from My New Address. Please become a member. It helps so much.